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Interview to Dr. Claudia Travaglio on Margaret Burbidge (MediaINAF, in italian)

L’astrofisica angloamericana Margaret Burbidge è morta domenica scorsa all’età di 100 anni. Fondamentali i suoi studi sui processi di nucleosintesi, e in particolare un articolo del 1957 – divenuto poi celebre con l’acronimo "B2FH2 – sulla sintesi degli elementi nelle stelle.

Media INAF
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Goodbye Lady Stardust

The astronomer who taught us we are all made of stardust has passed away on Aprile 5th, after celebrating her 100th birthday on August 12, 2019. She was the last one in life (the first letter B) of the 4 letters B2FH, famous 1957 article, to whom is entitled our Association.

Sky & Telescope Celebrating Astronomer Margaret Burbidge, 1919-2020
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In honour of 1957 work

B2FH are the initials of Geoffrey Burbidge, Margaret Burbidge, William Fowler and Fred Hoyle, and is used to reference a well-known astrophysics paper titled "Synthesis of the Elements in Stars" published in 1957. This paper, together with the studies made by Prof. A. Cameron in the same years, is credited as the origin of what is now the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis. In 1983 Fred Hoyle was awarded of the Nobel Prize in Physics for these studies.